The Hidden Mystery Behind History of Olympics

The Olympic Games is the leading sporting event in current competitions, in which thousands of athletes compete in a variety of sports. More than 200 countries participate in the winter and summer competitions of the Olympics. The Olympic Games are held every four years. The Olympic Games are organized under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee.

The history of the Olympic Games is very old. The ancient Olympic Games were held 1200 years ago among warriors.

In the old times, the games evolved with competition between warriors during peaceful time intervals. In the early stages, running, boxing, wrestling, and chariots were part of military training. Among these, the best performing warrior competitors had the opportunity to show their stamina in sports.

In ancient times it was organized in 1896 in Athens, the capital of Greece. It was named Olympic because of the sport played on Mount Olympia. Players from states and cities participated in the Olympics. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that the battles between cities and states were postponed during the Olympic Games. Fighting and horse riding were very popular sports in this game. But even after that, the Olympic movement did not take its form. Despite all the problems, lack of facilities, hosting problems and low participation of players, the Olympics gradually became successful in their aims.

Boxing, wrestling, equestrian sports were played in the ancient Olympics. The winner of the game was acclaimed through poetry and sculptures. The Olympic Games held every four years were also known as Olympiads. The Olympic Games is a multi-sport competition organized at the international level. India has received gold medals in these sports. According to another legend, Hercules built the Olympic Stadium in honor of Juice. The popularity of the Olympic Games peaked in the sixth and fifth centuries. But later Greece was particularly affected by the increasing power of the Roman Empire and gradually the importance of the Olympic Games began to decline.

The Olympic Games came to a halt in Greece around 393 CE. After 1896, Paris did not have to wait to host the Olympics in the year 1900 and the editions could not become popular as there was a shortage of grand events during this time. The 2008 Beijing capital is considered to be the best event ever in Beijing Olympics. During the 15-day Olympic Games, China not only won the hearts of the people with its magnificent hosts but also created history by winning the most gold medals.

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